The Coaster That Strikes Twice!

Carowinds introduces a new species to the Carolinas, with the introduction of the Carolina Cobra. This 125-foot tall towering twisting serpent will send riders speeding through three inversions, including a cobra roll and a 360-degree loop - both forward and then again backwards.


Physical Dimensions
Track Length: 935 feet
Lift Height: 125 feet
Vertical Drop: 120 feet
Angle of Descent: 65 feet

Time, Speed, Capacity
Speed: Approximately 48 mph
Ride Time: 2 minutes, 12 seconds
Hourly Capacity: Approximately 760 riders
Coaches: One 28-passenger train
Seven four-passenger cars per train
Design: Individual seats with shoulder restraint
Scheduled Debut
Date: Opening Day - March 28, 2009 

Structure And Design
Model: Boomerang roller coaster
Structure: Steel tubular track
Color: Coral track & Teal supports
Features: Three inversions, including a cobra roll and loop

Back and forth for a total of six inversions
Ride Manufacturer: Vekoma International B.V.
The Netherlands


Ride Layout


Carolina Cobra is adorned with newly designed trains exclusive only to its tracks. No other parks in the United States have yet to utilize these spacious trains, designed specifically for a heightened rider-experience.

The sleek semi-open 28-passenger trains will create an aerodynamic experience unlike any other on a coaster as riders undergo the sensations of wind and speed at an amplified level, for a smooth enjoyable ride.

About the Manufacturer

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing is one of the largest roller coaster manufacturers in the world and a market leader in the amusement industry. Controlling and having the entire process in-house from (concept) design to engineering and manufacturing, of all types of coasters, such as family coasters, thrill and mega coasters and family attractions.